Angel Juicer

Models : 8500 - 7500 - 5500

Angel Slow Juicer – Technology and Innovation

Angel Juicer technology and rigorous quality control, through the introduction of continuous innovation in 30 years, gave the Korean company Angel Juicer Co. one of the global leading places in the industry of juicers. The leader of innovative twin gear squeezing technology has set itself the goal of providing high-quality products and services unparalleled in the industry of slow juicers
Angel is the first Twin Gear Slow Juicer completely made of stainless steel, with two long squeezing gears, which in three stages of extraction, produce an extremely clear juice.
These facts prompted me to test and describe three Angel Juicers: 5500, 7500, 8500.

Angel Juicer 5500

Angel 5500

304 inox

Angel 7500

Angel 7500

304 inox

Angel Juicer 8500

Angel 8500

 316 inox

Angel slow juicer 5500

Angel Juicer 5500

Angel 5500 slow juicer was made entirely of steel 304, commonly used for example to produce surgical instruments. According to the research, this steel is completely biologically neutral, does not react with other substances and does not destroy nutrients. Keeping enzymes and vitamins in freshly squeezed juice is very vital. The process of slow extraction at 82 rpm, combined with 22 cm squeezing gears, creates an extremely clear juice with an intense color and rich flavor. It is necessary to mention that the Angel Juicer, thanks to the patented construction of squeezing gears and sieves, divides the extraction process into three stages. The first stage consists in crumbling and crushing the raw material, and then 80% of the juice contained in it is squeezed out of the raw material. In the last third stage, the remains of the juice are finally squeezed out and filtered through the smallest micro-holes of the sieve, expelling the dry pulp from the squeezer.

Angel Juicer 7500

The Angel 7500 Slow Juicer is the second, improved model of the Angel 5500, which was developed in 2003 by the Korean producer Angel Juicer Co. In addition to the technology used from the previous model and 304 stainless steel, producer also introduced intelligent automatic reverse gear. This function prevents damage to the body and overheating of the motor in case of congestion by the component used. A special sensor will start reverse gear, inverse feed and unlock the juicer. At any time you can also use this function manually by pressing the button on the juicer’s panel. The Twin Gear Angel Juicer, also known as Angelia, perfectly copes with squeezing juice from all kinds of vegetables – including deciduous ones, fruits and herbs. The obtained juice is homogeneous, does not froth and does not stratify, preserving full vitamins and freshness.
Angel Juicer Europe 7500
Angel 8500 Angel slow juicer

Angel Juicer 8500

The best model from Angel Juicers is the Angel 8500 Slow Juicer, entirely made of steel 316.

It is a chromium-nickel stainless steel used primarily for the manufacture of surgical instruments and implants, extremely resistant to acids, salts, high temperatures and corrosion. This Twin Gear Slow Juicer Machine has an automatic reverse gear to prevent damage to the equipment due to the large amount of ingredients placed in the juicer. The obtained juice is clear, homogeneous, and full of richness of vitamins

Accessories for the Angel Juicer

The producer of Angel Juicers met the customers’ needs and has prepared additional accessories that expand the possibilities of the Angel 5500, 7500 and 8500
Blank strainer Angel Juicer


The Fine Strainer without holes suitable for the production of butters, pastes, purees, ice-cream desserts and enables grinding of nuts, coffee and herbs. Available for models: Angel 5500/7500 – steel 304 and for Angel 8500 – steel 316.
Angel Juicer 8500 Coarse Strainer


The Coarse Strainer with larger holes than the standard fine strainer included in the Angel juicers allows the preparation of juices with pulp, mousses, purees and is great for soft fruits. Available for Angel 5500/7500 – steel 304 and for Angel 8500 – steel 316
Angel promo pack set


Angel Pack represents a set containing a double-sided cleaning brush, two seals protecting the body of Juicer, a stainless steel jug and a wooden pusher with a silicon ring (the ring creates air pressure and helps push the ingredients down the feeding tube) dedicated for squeezing citrus juices and soft fruits.

Summary and differences in Angel models

Angel Juicer 5500 is a twin gear juicer, made entirely of stainless steel 304, has a manual reverse gear.

Angel Juicer 7500 is an improved twin gear juicer, built entirely in stainless steel 304, with automatic reverse gear in case of clogging.

Angel Juicer 8500 is a twin gear juicer, made entirely of stainless steel 316, with automatic reverse gear and forward in case of clogging.

All Angel Juicers are covered by a 5-year motor warranty and a 3-year warranty for parts.

Recommended by experts!

Angel Juicer Manufacturer Korea
Angel Twin Gear Juicer

The best juicer on the market

Undoubtedly, Angel juicers can be called the best juicers available on the market.

Thanks to twin gear technology, slow extraction speed (82 rpm) and the stainless steel construction all models of the Korean producer Angel Juicer CO produce exceptionally clear juices, easily absorbed by the body.

The three-stage extraction process means that the juices obtained do not stratify and retain their freshness for a longer time.